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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dayshift - Living In The U.K. EP (1980)

A - Living In The U.K.
B1 - Cedric Wazza, Superstar
B2 - Yeah Eh Oh Yeah Oh!

Nice D.I.Y. Ep

It's Spring 1980 & the last 3 members of The Desperate Bicycles are in the process up splitting up;
with Danny Wigley (voc -only remaining member of the original DB's ) & Geoffrey Titley (drums) forming The Lusty Ghosts
Whilst the Guitarist (probably with the DB's since the New Cross, new Cross EP)
Dan Electro AKA Dan Driscoll formed Dayshift & released this little Gem of an EP
I'm not sure of the full line up but the drums were courtesy of Kiff Kaff AKA Keith Dobson (ex Here & Now / The Sell-outs & 012)

Personally I like the shambolic folksy sounds of "Living In The U.K."

Sounds & scans below



  1. Hi Bruce, I've not been around for a while so what a wonderful surprise to see this. I'm with you Living in the UK is the stand out track - I love it.


  2. Hi Gary - good to see you back!!

  3. I'm just off for a month again (to the US) but I will try and check in.

  4. Sorry to hear you've been frozen out of Mediafire etc 'cos you've posted some terrific stuff on this blog. If there's any chance you could mail me mp3 of this EP at some point I'd be ridiculously grateful, I've been looking for a copy for AGES but it regularly fetches £30+ nowadays, a bit out of my league to be honest! Hope you can help, all the best. :)

    1. Just send an e-mail to


      & I'll send you a link