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Friday, 6 September 2019

Dafne And The Tenderspots - Disco Hell (1979)

b/w I'm A Natural

Short lived band (1978-79) that released an Interesting New Wave 7" [Scheduled release Date 18th May] treading the line of "Disco Satire"

Dafne Nancholas (Voc)  
Graham Smith (Guitar)
Jo Burt (Bass) Ex-The Dragons
Nick Monnas (Drums)
Alan Wilder AKA Alan Normal (Keys) Ex-The Dragons

Jo Burt was Replaced by Steve Hughes (Bass) Ex-Burlesque

Useless Info 1 - The “No Soul, No Rhythm” monolougue Was by Graham Smith

German Release
Dutch Release

Useless Info 2 - No Picture Sleeve was issued for the UK release (Although it was released on Blue Wax as well as the usual Black). Look to The German Or Dutch releases for a PS.

Useless Info 3 - After Dafne And The Tenderspots Alan Wilder went onto Real To Real and The Hitmen (Both bands are worth checking out) Oh, and Depeche Mode who became fairly popular.

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  1. Oddly I have a soft spot for this one. Alan Wilder played keyboards on The Flatbackers 'Serenade Of Love'. I mentioned The Flatbackers in the last post too, if I can link them again next time do I get a prize?

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