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Sunday, 10 June 2012

THe Swimming Pool Q's - Little Misfit (1982)

b/w - Stingray

This is the 2nd Quirky 45 release from this Atlanta Georgia band (Formed 1978 & still going strong). Their 1st is available here

There have been many members in their 30+ years; below is who played on this record & a few (most?) of the rest

Jeff Calder (Voc, Fender 12 String 1978-)
Anne Richmond Boston (Voc, Pipe Organ 1978-87, 1998-)
Bob Elsey (Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar 1978-)
Pete Jarkunas (Bass 1979-82 He replaced Billy Jones (1978-79) & was in turn replaced by J.E. Garnett (1982-1990) &  Robert Schmid (2001-)
Robert Schmid (Drums 1978-81) replaced by Billy Burton (1982-)

Pool Q's with Billy 1982
Robert was the Drummer on this (LP edited) version of Little Misfit however Drums on Stingray are credited to Darryl Rhoades (Recorded 11/03/82) & the arrangement is co-credited (along with Calder) to Glenn Phillips

There's way more info on the Swimming Pool Q's here

not so Useless information - The sleeve cover was designed by Anne Richmand Boston

One last thing!!!
This Post is in support of the Friends of Bristol South Swimming Pool please follow the  link & show your support.

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