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Friday, 10 February 2012

Commuter - Dear Marge (1982)

B1 - Dear Marge (Dub)
B2 - You Don't Get Crispy Chips From New Potatoes

I don't think much of the Instrumental version Of Dear Marge (which incidentally is not indicated on the labels) but the other 2 tracks fall nicelly into the Mod / powerpop sound bracket.

I was hoping to have more information than the below but hey ho!

The band (5 piece?) were from the Hatfield / Welwyn Garden City area.

John Erentrauts (voc, harmonica) RIP ex Albert Monk
David Boon (guitar) RIP*
Billy Lund (Bass)
Glen Mansfield (Keyboards)
Paul Turley (drums / keyboards) later in Classix Nouveaux (84 -85) / Smalltown Elephants (86-88) / Christmas Island (90-91) / Baby Boomerang (92-94)

All tracks were produced by Phil Nash at the 24 track Wickham House Recording Studios in Croydon

* David Boon tragically died when the light aircraft he was piloting crashed near Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire, on 10 April 2009.

Thanks to Malcolm Green for the extra info

Sounds & scans below



  1. my dad is Billy Lund and he just played this single to me

    1. Has your dad got any info He'd like to add to the post? - anything would be appreciated.

  2. Good grief, used to hang around with them. No relation to Dave, sad to hear about 'herring trout' as well.

    1. sorry i did'nt recognise you in the beehive after Dave died but it had been a long time ago when you had all the hair and beard. i hope you are well. I visited Bill,Billy& Val in 2014 and they were fine. I still listen the Rutsand remember the old great times we had. keep well! Glen Mansfield.

  3. We pretty much went to every commuter gig there ever was..Top band!!
    "I`m a commuter..not a computer"!!