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Friday, 4 November 2011

The News - Spead The News EP (1978)

A - She's So Square
AA - The Kids Are Dancing

Cool Mod /Powerpop from this Rock Springs, Wyoming 3 peice.

Eddy Delbridge (Voc Guitar).
Mike Fitzgerald (Bass)
Billy Dolence (Drums)

Their other release was a track (Bring On The Night) on the 1981 Compilation LP Declaration Of Independents - This is included in the download.
The band also recorded (but unfortunately it remains unreleased) a 2nd 45 "Trying To Ride The New Wave / Stereo Generation" which utilised the talent of a new drummer Dan Postma.*

"The Kids Are Dancing" can also be found on Powerpearls Vol 1

Various Press Reveiws

Proof positive fanzines are spreading the good news. How else could he have created such promising pop tunes?

Trouser Press
The singing's good and the songs are promising.

New York Rocker
From Rock Springs Wyoming, the nation's most violent municipality, The News deliver an irresistable rocker.

* Thanks to Mr E Delbridge for the extra info

Sounds & scans below



  1. The Whole Declaration of Indepenence LP can be found at


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