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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Misspent Youth - 17 Forever EP (1979)

A1 - Optimistic
A2 - Ghost Of Peggy Sue
B1 - 17 Forever
B2 - Immortal Teenager

Great DIY Powerpop EP (gotta love those handclaps on Ghost Of Peggy Sue) from this West London based band (1976 -'80).Chis Ransome (Voc Guitar)
Ian "Mog" Hawkridge (Bass)
Bron Buick (Drums)
Dave Baby (Sax Voc)

The bands sole EP was recorded on June 23rd at Mike Kemp's Spaceward studio, Cambridge & released in September on the Sequel Record label.

At the same time, Ian Hawkridge & Dave Baby Along with the producer of this record (Michael Ikon) were also members of Missing Presumed Dead. - Michael Ikon also being in Fish Turned Human.

BTW - There was another band called Misspent Youth operating in the Birmingham area around the same time.

Info added 17/11/2012 - Chris Ransome has been in touch - After this 45 he breifly played with Andy Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Analysis. He has since relocated to Austrailia (N.S.W.) were he played gypsy fiddle in a duo called Accelerando
BTW he'd like it known that; Michael Ikon: put up the money for the 45, organised the studio, designed the cover, even got it played on John Peel's radio show - For that he is most grateful (my words not his)

Sounds & Scans below


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