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Monday, 14 November 2011

Ada Wilson And Keeping Dark - Head In The Clouds (1980)

b/w - It Doesn't Have To Be

Great Mod /Powerpop from the Ex frontman of "Strangeways"

The lad from Wakefield was helped out on the record by

Steve Smith (Bass)
Pete Morton AKA Peter "Ringo" Higginbottom (Drums)
Ian Nelson (Alto Sax)

Both Steve & Pete were Ex "Just Frank" Pete also having been in Strangeways with Ada.

The 45 was produced by Gough Snape AKA Mike Switzerland AKA Rob Worby

If you like this, there was an earlier 45 (In The Quiet Of My Room / I'm In Control Here - Ellie Jay [1979] & re-released on Barn records [1980]) - Be warned this 45 is more experimental.

He had also been part of Tattoo Hosts Vision On who released quite an interesting LP in 1980

Head in the Clouds was also included on The Hicks From the Sticks Compilation (1980) - as was Gough Snapes (The Distributors) T.V. Me.

In The Quiet Of My Room was also re-recorded in 1984 & released on Thin Sliced Records

Useless Info - Ada Wilson claims that he inspired 'Brass in pocket' by the Pretenders.

Sounds & scans below

Sorry No Download - I've been "asked" to take it down

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