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Friday, 23 September 2011

Nattkräm -Trampa På (1980)

b/w - Varför Gör Ni Så Här

Another great punk / powerpop 45 from Sweden. This time from Åkersberga.

This was the band's 3rd & final 45 & the players on it were

Martin Wallström (Voc guitar keyboard) replaced Michael Enlund after 1st 45
Henrik Möller (guitar voc) replaced Jan Eriksson after 1st 45
Magnus Sverke (bass voc)
Johan Sverke (drums voc)


1979 - Håll Mej Hårt/Tåget/För stressigt 7" EP - (AMG) BG Records öR-S23
1980 - Romantiska Pojkar/Det Blåser På Månen 7" - Sound of Scandinavia SOS 10-76
1980 - Trampa På/Varför Gör Ni Så Här 7" - Marilla Ma-s 172
1981 - Romantiska Pojkar LP - Sound of Scandinavia SOS 81

BTW - Nattkräm = Night Cream in English (??)

I did read that the band had another reshuffle in '81 & became Hemliga Armem (Secret Army) but I don't know how true that is..........

Sounds & scans Below


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  1. Another catchy one - cheers. This is the only one I've seen on the net. Anyone got any of the other records?