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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Flames - Your Love Is Slippin' Away (1982)

b/w - That's What You Told Me

Once again I direct you to the catchy as hell B-side. Not that there is anything wrong with "Your Love..." it's just a bit too cutsey in an Everly Brothers sort of way!!

The 4 Piece were from the West London area & had this record written/produced for them by Eric David Holland
(who in the...
- 70's was a recording engineer in London at Recorded Sound Studios and Nova Sound Studios, Responsible for many of The Sweet 45's
-80's amongst other things worked in A&R at RSO Records. Was a singer songwriter at Jet Music for Don Arden & wrote / performed jingles for Radio 1's Mike Read Breakfast Show)

The 45 was released twice in a matter of months (1st on Thrust Records, RUFF 3; then on Masquerade, MASQ 2 - both subsidiaries of Chiswick records) - scans for both are in the download
The Massquerade disc has DICE 13 scratched in the dead wax which was also a catalogue prefix used by Chiswick

Sounds & scans below


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  1. Y'know I'm not blown away by this but it's a neat piece of history and I bet Nick Lowe or Dave Edmunds would've loved to have produced their album.