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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Famous Names - Modern Mums (1980)

b/w - Blind Date

Great Mod/powerpopper on the B-side & another Police type white reggae track on the A.

The 5 piece came from the Shrewsbury area & were


I've no idea who played what or even if this 45 had a p/s (if anyone can help - leave a comment)

The songs were produced by the infamous Tony Wilson at the London, DJM studio in November 1979.

Both sides can be heard on You-tube (with a pic of them)

Modern Mums

Blind Date

Before any one leaves a comment

Sounds & scans below



  1. Not to repeat my usual comment - but:
    "great post"

  2. Thank you very much; I've been on search for this single for a while. Particularly like the flip side.

  3. I own this single too and also without a cover. the flipside is really cool. great post !

  4. Thanks razor, others have said their's are without p/s too, so I'm pretty sure there wasn't one.

  5. This single (including the b-side) now appears on an album I saw on iTunes called The Vault Unlocked. It claims that the single was actually produced by Clive Selwood (the album being a compilation of tracks produced by Selwood).

    To add to the confusion, there was another band called Famous Names who also released a single in 1979/80 called Holiday Romance...

  6. Thanks for the comment I'd not seen that Download Lp

    The other "Famous Names" were "Writz" under a new name


    As to produced by Peel's Manager "Clive Selwood" It says on the label it's Tony Wilson (Peely producer / engineer)

    Apparently Clive was offered managing directorship of RCA and Polydor but instead opted for finance for his own production company "Sarabee", funded by Polydor. An artistic success and a commercial failure. other artists include Band of Joy & The Wailing Cocks

    the above was taken from


    for the MP3 LP see