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Friday, 27 May 2011

The Peasants - Peasants EP (1981)

A1 - Here She Comes
A2 - I Care For You
B1 - When I Close My Eyes
B2 - I Can Help

As this blog's now been going a year (!!) let's have some excellent Beatles/60's sounding powerpop from Northern Ireland.

When the 4 school friends' band The Incredibly Boring Band broke up, 2 members (Aiden Murtagh & Owen Mcfadden) went on to start Protex whilst the other 2 formed The Peasants

Brendan Popplestone (voc guitar)
Paul Nesbitt (guitar) later replaced by Garth Craig
Malchy Muinzer (bass) ex I.B.B.
Mike Edgar (drums) ex I.B.B.

The 45 was recorded under the watch full eye of Mudd Wallace at his Homestead Studios (at it's old home of Ahoghill) & released in October apparently having 2 pressing runs of 500 copies a piece.

Their other highlight appears to be the fact that they got paying "Gigs" at the University balls for Nottingham & Leicester supporting "The Jam" & "Q-Tips"

Mike Edgar went on to to be the drummer for Cruella De Ville playing along side Malchy's brother & sister (Colm & Philomena) & is now "Head of Entertainment and Events" for BBC Northern Ireland.

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thank you very much for this EP. Really fantastic.

  2. Nice ep. Great music. Thankx.

  3. Great single, been after this one for years; Hopefully I'll come by one someday. Thank You!

  4. I cant believe you own this record.

  5. Sorry Jeremy but I do!! - to use a hackneyed cliche/platitude "It was just a case of being in the right place at the right time"