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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dead Cert - Time Bomb (1980)

b/w - You'd Better Stop

The South London band were active from 1978 (even scoring a support slot to the Cure in '79 --June 1st -- 4th on the bill at an open air concert in Carshalton, Surrey)

The Band were
Trevor Hatcher (voc guitar)
Pete Downham (voc rhythm guitar)
Gordon Harris (bass voc)
Tony McWilliams (drums)
As, it seems with most bands there was a revolving drum stool which was also frequented by Mick Smith & Paul Cannon

These 2 tracks were recorded at R+G Jones recording studios in Wimbledon.

According to their myspace (some interesting photos & flyers there) 2 demo tapes exist

1. Jealous World / Two times / Turn It down / You'd Better Stop ( R+G Jones recording studios in Mitcham 1978)
2. Away In A way / Third Time Lucky / Zodiac (A Recording Studio In Tolworth 1980?)

some of the above can be heard there & others here

Check out the Harry Satcher Trio to see what most of the band are doing now

Sounds & scans below


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  1. deadcert have reformed to create an album of songs from the last 30 years on the certain records label and are recording at crown lane studios morden surrey the line up is trev hatcher,pete downham, gordon harris and paul cannon we have a facebook page deadcertrockband and deadcert fan page we have six trax done ready for mixing and will be releasing a track as a single for download soon
    thanks for your interest, all the best deadcert.