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Monday, 25 April 2011

Eugene And The Syncopaters - The Great Romantic (1980)

b/w - Kitten Kicker

1st of 3 45's for this "comedy" band on the Bob & John Hardman owned Swamp Records.

The record utilizes the "golden tonsils" of Sir Arthur Throat on The Great Romantic & there is a "vocal extravaganza" from Nigel Nasty Sandwich on Kitten Kicker.

This may have been their most popular release as it managed to be picked up (& released early '81) by Elton John's Rocket record company (XPRES 50)

BTW it's the b-side that's worth a listen - sort of comedy punk 'n' roll

The other 2 releases were:
Keep Your Pecker Up / Gorgeous Girl (WAM 113 - June '81)
Something On Your shoe / Knock Kneed Knellie (WAM 116 - November '81) - I'd only recommend them if you like the A side of this - otherwise steer clear!

For a better 45 on this label go here

Sounds & scans below



  1. Quirky! I like this a lot. Probably not as quirky as the Scissor Fits - Tense, Angular E.P. but I don't have that one so does anyone fancy posting it?

  2. It won't be me I'm afraid - I only have their 2nd EP

    I don't want to work for British Airways is here :