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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Aqua – I Want Somethin’ Else (1983)


b/w I Don't Understand

2 Cool Powerpop tunes on this 1982 Recorded but 1983 self-release.

The songs were penned by D Ivatt & M Wilson

I'm presuming they were from the Peterborough area as the 45 was Produced / Engineered by Dave Colton @ Stix Studio .

As always if any one can add any info please leave a comment


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  2. Thanks, never heard this one before, not bad!

    Most of the Button Records singles in the last post were also new to my ears, except for the first Johnny Demestos, so thanks for those too. Did these come as a joblot?

  3. No, all bought separately, mainly due to the label. If you want to hear another from Button go here


    You'll have to scroll a bit