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Friday, 3 April 2020

The News - 50% Reduction (1980)

b/w High Society

Great XTC soundalikes from this Yorkshire (Sheffield?) based 4 peice

Alan Quinn (Voc Bass) RIP
Trevor Midgley (Guitar Voc) later in the Tubeless Hearts        
Roger Harrison (Drums) RIP
Ivor Drawmer (Keys Voc)                

30-05-1979 Peel Session : 50% Reduction / High Society / Advertise / Brain Drain
04-04-1980 7'' : 50% Reduction / High Society - Polydor ‎[POSP 129]
15-08-1980 7''  : Modern Toys / Feed The Meter - Polydor ‎[POSP 152]

The Peel Session Was Recorded 30-05-1979 [Aired 07-06-1979] @ Maida Vale Studio 4 & Produced / Enginneered by John Sparrow & Nick Gomm

Both 45's were produced by Jon Astley            

Alan Quinn was in Global Village with Bill Nelson (Guitar/Voc - Pre-Be Bop De Luxe) & Bryan Holden (Drums)
Trevor Midgley Go Here
Roger Harrison was in Quinceharmon* / New Jersey Turnpike* / The Whales / Tyke
Ivor Drawmer was in Quinceharmon* / New Jersey Turnpike*

*Others in the band were Bob Holt (Voc) Pete Jowle (Guitar) Ross Grant (Bass)

Alan Quinn auditioned for Bill Nelson's Red Noise [Rick 'Pinky' Ford got the job] although he did get the Bill Nelson & The Practical Dreamers Job
Trevor Midgley Go Here
Roger Harrison ?
Ivor Drawmer Go Here

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Finally thanks go to Mr Obscure who put the Peel session up on his website last month   


  1. 'Released this week' in Record Mirror suggests 18/04/80 for a release date which fits in with a couple of Peel plays. Apparently first scheduled for late March but maybe delayed due to someone coming up with the reduced price idea. Not reviewed in RM until 03/05/80 though it's more of a non-review like the rest of that page.

    I once emailed Ivor Drawmer about The News and got a reply from one of his staff who said they would pass on any questions I had. So I asked about the stickered sleeve because my copy doesn't have one, never heard back. These things are obviously not that important!

    I hope you and your family are all well?

  2. That's actually a different Trevor Midgley you've linked to (contacted him too) despite the less than common name. It was him in the Tubeless Hearts though.

    Is that the same stickered sleeve that's on Discogs showing here? I shouldn't complain about not having one as it only cost me 50p!

    1. I Wasn't completely sure if it was him (As you say, the name isn't common so I went with it) & yes it is the discogs image [I have a stickered die cut but it looks like Someone left it in a damp garage for a few years - once the mould was removed a good portion of it was destroyed. That also only cost me 50p at a car boot sale. Sadly the vinyl had to be binned as it was trashed - looked like mice has tried ice skating on it] c'est la vie!