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Sunday, 3 November 2019

Street 66 - Conman (1983)

b/w All The Small Minds

Great Mod/Powerpop from this Welsh (Caerphilly/Cardiff) band led by Alex Silva (Voc, Guitar)

The band appears to have been short-lived & I'll admit I've been having problems working out the line up as there is not much info available & what there is appears to be conflicting.

The band seems to have been a 4-piece  (see photo)
Steve "Vannie" Van Koningsveld - Guitar (Later playing with Bryn Gregory & the Co-Stars)
? - Bass (From Liverpool apparently)
Clive (Worked in Ivor Barnetts Music Shop in Caerphilly) - Drums
Street 66

Alex was also in another Cardiff Mod band "Living School" (who becmae A Sound Reaction [1983-85])
Jamie Sinclair-Thomson (Guitar Voc)
Nick Morgan (Bass)
Kris Ayre (Drums)

Useless Info - Alex Silva is better known for being the Guitarist for Papa's New Faith [1987-89] & Even more renouned as a record producer. Famously the Manic Street Preachers 1995 Holy Bible amongst others.

Sleeve Front
The 45 does come with a Pic sleeve but mine is without.

As always anyone that can add/put straight any info please leave a comment

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