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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Plain Jane - One Look (1980)

German Pressing
b/w Loving You

1st of 2 New Wave/Powerpop 45's for this 5 peice Cheshire based band. Led by Jean-Marc Mariole & Steve Beck

(Unfortunately for a band that had their records released in the UK / Sweden / Germany / France / Portugal & Italy there is scant info on them. Although a writing credit was given to Lloyd & another of them could have been Guitarist Gary Murphy)

J.M.Mariole & S Beck did turn up again in Household Names who released a 45 in 1981 "White Light / Much Too Young To Love" on the Blue Chip Label. [Better known to collectors for the Kicks - If Looks Could Kill & Smart Alec - My Mummy 45's]

UK Discography
One Look/Loving You - Avatar [AAA102] 21st August 1980 - No P/S
Too Serious/Made In Hong Kong - Creole [CR 220] 12th December 1980 - No P/S

Useless Info - Mariole/Beck also had a writing credit on the B-side of a 1981 Finland release "Birgitta Leinonen - Usko Pois/Rakkaus"

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  1. Re release dates - 21st August 1980 was a Thursday so that won't be accurate. There's a bunch of Avatar label records dated 21st August 1981 in one of the New Singles leaflets but that must have been a re-push thing or a distribution change? Anyway definitely 1980, the Sta-Prest 45 (AAA 103) was July 1980 so on or before that.

    The New Singles info is prone to being a week or two behind or just adding stuff they previously missed when a label supplies details. Likely be November 1980 for "Too Serious" and January 1981 for the Households Names single.

    The Smart Alec single was on a different Blue Chip label, Canadian I think but released in the UK too. Don't know how they got that deal?

    Don't know anything about Plain Jane either but thought I'd make the effort to make some kind of comment to show I'm still watching!


  2. Interesting I wonder if its the same Jean-Marc Mariole as reported here in the Daily Fail?

    great blog



  3. James - Thanks for the info (It all helps)

    Gary - Yup same person. Good find...

  4. Here's a lead: https://twitter.com/nousdeux2

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