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Sunday 19 November 2017

Nerve Senta - I'm Alright (1980)

b/w - No One But You

Cool Powerpop/NWOBHM crossover tracks from this York 4 peice

Garry Barrett (Voc, Guitar) later in: Watch With Mother, Overload, Life Support, Ouse Brothers, Stone Cold Sober, Goosehorns, Pepperhearts
John Foottit (Guitar Voc)
Garry Varley (Bass, Voc)
Geoff Locker (Drums, Voc) later in: Aldo’s Orphans' High 'n' Dry, Pepperhearts

The A-side label does mention "Kev" as Bassist (Typo?) plus; Who is Andy?

Garry B, Garry V, Geoff, John
In '81 the band's promoter/manager Dave Leaper introduced the band to Ian J Cole as the they were looking for a keyboard player to 'fill out their sound'
An audition was held at New Earswick village church hall. 1 month later and they were entering Fairview recording studio in Hull for 2 days recording of the LP.
5 months later & 1 mini tour of the working mens clubs, Ian was fired


7" I'm Alright/No One But You - Tense Raven [S80CUS 825] 1980
7" You Turn Me On/Secret Admirer - Tense Raven [S/81/CUS 998] 1981
LP Nerve Senta [SUPLP2002] 1981
Lonely Man/You Raise My Temperature/Can't Stop Me Loving You/I'm Allright/Whose To Blame/Letter To Jodie//Tell Me The Truth/No One But You/The End Is Near/Secret Admirer/Everybody/Jimmy Rebel

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