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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Film - Kad Si Mlad (1980)

b/w - Zajedno (Together)

2 Cool New Wave tracks on the 1st 45 release from this Croatian (Zagreb) band.

 Mladen Juricic  (Guitar) (1978-1986)
 Marino Pelajic  (Bass) (1978-1986)
 Branko Hromatko  (Drums) (1978-1981)
 Jurij Novoselic - (Sax, Keyboards) (1978-1986)

Produced by Ivan Piko Stancic

Sleeve Photo by Danilo Ducak

I could write a comprehensive history of the band but I'd only be plagiarising the below 3 Wikipedia sites 

Film (band)   - Pretty good discography here

Jura Stublić

Popular music in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 

There's a myspace if you're interested

Sounds & Scans

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