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Friday, 11 May 2012

The Last Words - Animal World (1977)

b/w - Wondering Why

1st (& most raw sounding) of 3 times the Aussie (Sydney) band (1977-80) would release this (All 3 45's are in the d/load for you)

Andy Groome (Guitar),
Mike Smith [1977] replaced by Leigh Kendall [1978-80] (Bass)
Jeff Wegener [1977] replaced by Ken Doyle [1978] then  John Gunn [1979-80] (Drums).
Later augmented by Steve Beresford (keyboards) & Dick Nightdoctor (sax)

I've read that UK migrants Baxter (Dundee) and Groome (Dublin), grew up in Liverpool (Sydney) and played all of the instruments on this self-funded release (I'm not sure what Smith & Wegener would have to say about that - maybe they were enrolled after the recording to enable the band to perform live)

There's loads of info out there already about the band with most just repeating this

Go here to see the 1978 video promo for Animal World filmed in North Sydney on 16mm film at the cost of (apparently) AU$13,000 (Malcolm in orange, Leigh in stripes, Andy in white & Ken [Or is it Jeff]  sitting down)

As this post is for the Animal World 45 below are some interesting cover versions
 "Tierwelt" released on the album "Himmel & Hölle" by Der Durstige Mann (1987)
Brazilian punk band SCHK played it live (2006) for TV
& "Frag Mich Warum" (Wondering Why)  by Eric Hysteric and the Esoterics (with vocals by Leigh Kendall 1980) [Prior to this collaboration Leigh had also played guitar on An earlier Eric 45]
Animal World/Wondering Why - Remand RRCS2439 (Aug1977) Oz Only
Animal World/Every Schoolboy's Dream - Wizard ZS196 (Nov 1978) Oz Only
Animal World/No Music In The World Today - Rough Trade RT022 (July 1979) UK
Today's Kidz / There's Something Wrong - Remand REMAND2  (Feb 1980) UK 
 Top Secret/Walk Away (Version) - Armageddon Records AS002 (Aug 1980) UK

The Last Words - Armageddon Records ARM2 (Sept 1980)
The Last Words 1977-1980 - Retro Records (2007)

Sounds & Scans

25/06/2012 - more info about this 45 has been posted here


  1. My favourite is the Rough Trade version which is the one I'm most familiar with. They're all good though. Nice post!

  2. thanks for this,i've had the second with the great Schoolboys on the flip,but many years ago...nice one!