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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The End - Fade Away (1981)

b/w - The One For Me

Cool Female vocal New wave / powerpop from  this Belgium based 5 peice.(1979-82) released on the Monopole label

I've no idea who all the personel were, or even if the 3 names I have played at the same time. However I do know that there was a 2nd 45 released - No Tenderness/Grey Into Blue - Racoon Records (1982).

The Band Players I do know of were
1982 Band Shot

 Kris Vanstappen (Guitar)
 Gerry Vergult AKA Fred Angst (Bass) (the 2nd 45 is not mentioned in his discography)
 Hans Habils (Guitar) - He penned the 2nd 45

Gerry became very Keyboard obsessed (see below) so I'm guessing that is why, on the back of the sleeve there is a big thanks  to Gust De Meyer (something for all you minimilist synth collectors if you follow the link)

Fred Anst joined Elvis Peeters & others in Aroma di Amore and nowadays is Kolk

Useless info - The matrix on the dead wax infers that The One For Me was to be the A-side - if anyone cares I tend to beleive it should have been.

Sounds & scans


  1. Can't say either side excites me that much. I'm guessing you were tempted by the arrow on the logo?

    That Monopole back catalogue looks a bit dodgy. Some of those Moustache records have songwriting links to King Louis & The Memphis Mafia. As does quite a few others, S.2337 looks particularly disturbing.

  2. You're right about the arrow!!