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Friday, 9 December 2011

Naughty Boys - I Can't Explain (1981)

b/w - Nite Fight

I'm posting this more for the interest value than the sounds (It's more progressive / Folk than New wave - however I still like it!)

Tthe tracks are penned by Bilbo Birks & Martin Priester (who play all instruments except organ [see below] & the accoustic guitar [P Penfield])

Bill (Bilbo) Birks is Canadian born, moving to the UK in the 70's and seems to have worked with everyone & his dog.
What will interest most New wave collectors is the fact his co-producer (& keyboard player) is Glen Tommey & that both of them played together as session artists on the first Korgis LP.
I suspect this was recorded at The Crescent Recording Studios in Bath as Glen was an engineer there.
Around the time this 45 was released Bill was also commissioned by C.B.S Germany to write some music for a film soundtrack (Piratensender Powerplay) using the name "Contraband". Culminating in a Germany only 45 Radio Powerplay / Didn't Mean It - CBS 2108 [1981]

Check out what Bill is doing now here

BTW there is a slightly different pressing of this 45 having a different label style & comes in a pic sleeve

Sounds & scans below



  1. The B-side is a bit too hippy for my taste. It starts out with potential but then goes in the wrong direction. The A side is a good one. Imagine Colin Hay's voice singing it. Men at Work had to have heard this song and then based their whole career on it.

  2. Thank you for your comments. We wrote the track an a Friday, recorded it on the Saturday, took it up to London to be pressed on the Monday, Played it on Radio 1 on the Wednesday (when it got put on the playlist).

    We then went to Germany with 500 copies to try and get a distribution deal. That's how the "Contraband" deal came about. We changed the name of the band because the Germans couldn't pronounce Naughty Boys.

  3. Hi Bilbo - thanks for the extra info