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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Kitchens - The Death Of Rock N Roll EP (1979)

A - The Death Of Rock 'N' Roll
B1 - Lies
B2 - 'A' Bomb

Duncan Fulton (voc guitar)
Andy "Sprog" Ford (guitar voc)
Ruth Jones (bass)
Andy Lovelock (drums)

Salisbury's first punk band was formed early 1977 with an original line up of Duncan Fulton (bass voc) Fred Philips (guitar) [both ex Shining Hearts Band] & Andy Lovelock (Drums) this was the augmented by Paul Kelly (guitar) & [briefly] Colin Holton (bass). Paul then left, Duncan switched to guitar & Gavin Lear (rhythm guitar) & Ian Stramm (bass) joined. These 2 then also left & with the addition of "Sprog" Ford, the band for a while became a trio. Ruth then joined on bass to make the classic line up that recorded this cool slice of New wave.
Sprog left the band in early 1980 to join the QT's & the remaining 3 continued for a few months (supporting the Martian Schoolgirls on a mini tour - who coincidently Ruth later played with) before calling it a day.

Fore more info on the many bands these guys were in, I suggest buying this:

Endless Beat - Voices Of the New Sarum Sound 1970-1999

BTW - Andy Lovelock is the son of James Lovelock (originator of the Gaia theory)

Here's a review of The Death Of Rock N Roll EP by Perry M, from Vague 3, 1980:
'Salisbury band the Kitchens recently got some money together and had this record pressed. The A side is one of their more recent songs ‘The Death of Rock’n’Roll’, and is quite a slow and vaguely blues song. The B side has two tracks, ‘Lies’ and ‘A Bomb’. The best track is ‘A Bomb’ which has a great introduction, Andy Ford - no longer with the band - plays guitar, and some good bass beats come through. The record was a good effort, but it doesn’t show the band’s full talent, as Andy Lovelock is a fantastic drummer, and Andy Ford is/was a better guitarist than can be heard on this record.
The Kitchens didn’t seem to have the production trouble that the QTs had with their EP, and of the two the Kitchens’ is the better record.

Sounds & scans below



  1. great to see this super-fantastic ep posted on this site. what do you know about salisbury punk band the qt's? because it would be great to find 'savage in the city' posted here. Do you or does anyone who read this blog a copy of it and giving us a chance to warm our ears? thanks!!

  2. Hi Dan - sorry I've not got the "Savage in the City" EP (not for want of trying I might point out)

  3. oh! no problem mate! if anyone here owns the qt's ''savage in the city'' ep, and wants to share it with us, please...leave us a link!! we would be very grateful!!! thanks & happy crimbo everyone!!!

  4. Hey it's Ruth from The Kitchens here! Nice to see DORR surfacing - thanks Ged for the link! The tracks are here on Reverbnation plus three recording in Andrew's living room. I'm still in touch with Kitchens - and QTs so will ask about Savage in City next time I see them. http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/thekitchens

    My later band The Courgettes also on Reverbation:

  5. Hi Ruth - Thanks for the links

    1. Hi Ruth .. Were Duncan and Fred in the Shining Heart Band that used to sometimes play in Bournemouth around 1976? I seem to remember there was a girl in the band some of the gigs, playing something like a Moog, was that you?
      I would love to contact those guys and thank them for the inspiration they were to me in my early musician days. Absolutely my favourite local(ish) band of the time. Please let me know if you see this you guys.