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Monday, 22 August 2011

Teaser - First Date (1980)

b/w - English Garden

(Double A side)

Teaser were a 4 piece from Vancouver (So I guess technically this is a Canadian post).

Brian Konechny (voc guitar)
Randy Burgess (bass voc)
John Cody (drums voc)
Tom Ready (keyboards voc)

The 45's a blend of synth-pop & New wave with a sprinkle of powerpop.
First Date was penned by B Konechny whilst the flip is a pretty good cover of Bruce Wooley & The Camera Club's English Garden.

The 45 as with all of the Harbor 45's (that I know of!) was produced by John Schroeder

Harbor Discography

HRB 1 - Steve Haynes - If This Isn't Love (I Don't Know What Love Is)/Love Don't Grow On Trees 1979
HRB 2 - Richard Stepp - Holiday In Hollywood/Good To Have You 1979
HRB 3 - Hooker - Lady Lady/Indian Nation 1979
HRB 4 - Jupiter 4 - Love's Theme/Beyond The Universe 1979
HRB 5 - Zingo - (Oh No) I'm In Love Again/Sailin'On 1979
HRB 6 - Julian Littman - Give A Little/Roxy 1979
HRB 7 - Steve Haynes - Picture Puzzle/I Get So Lonely 1979
HRB 8 - Teaser - First Date/English Garden 1980
HRB 9 - Zingo - Pepperbox/Beyond The Universe 1980
HRB 10 - Julian Littman - Young Explorers/Have You Got Soul 1980
HRB 11 - A - The Flying Saucers - I'll Never Let You Down/
HRB 11 - B - The Cruisers - Get A Job 1980
HRB 12 - The Flying Saucers - Teenage Boogie/Beer Bourbon & Wine 1981
HRB 13 - Vic & Carol's Crazy Circus - These Boots Are Made For Walking/The French Connection 1981
HRB 14 - Force Major - Put It In Your Pipe/Say What You Feel 1981

Sounds & scans below



  1. Great post & record Bruce! This was a band featuring the great John Cody on drums.


  2. Thanks a lot for this one, Bruce! Also thanks to Mike for the link above. I thought they were a British band but now I know they were Canadian.

  3. Thanks for the link Mike - I'll update the post when I get a chance!

  4. Hi! Possible to update the link please ? Thanks

  5. If you send an e-mail to mylifesajigsaw@gmail.com
    I'll send you a d/l link

  6. Just saw this. Wow, that was such a long, long time ago.
    The band was a lot of fun for sure. We were playing in a bar in Vancouver and John Schroeder walked in and asked if we wanted to record a cover. But at the last minute we needed a B side, so I wrote First Date in about 15min. Thankful to have played with some real good guys. Thanks to all of them. Still have a lot of the old tapes of us playing live. Cheers, Brian Konechny