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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Phase Nine - City Of Nowhere (1982)

b/w - Back In Life

Great punk /powerpop 45 from this Swedish (Stockholm) 5 piece - I personally prefer the flip but there's not much in it!

Anders Ådén (voc guitar)
Jörgen Holmberg (guitar)
Magnus Nordin (bass)
Leffe Johansson (drums)
Jarl Tungelstedt (Saxophone)

Once again I'm a bit short on info - it was recorded in June 1982 at Humlan (Bumblebee) recording studio in Stockholm & was released on EFMD Records.

EFMD Records (based in Västerhaninge) was run by Mikael Persson and Patrick Ingeson.
The acronym EFMD stood for Enad Front Mot Disco (the united front against Disco).

It seems the label's finances came mostly from concerts that they themselves organized. Money was then lent to a band to record a 45 (usually in a print run of 500 - although it's believed this 45 may have been of a 1000) Once enough records were sold, the band would pay the company back & the process would begin again with another.

Sounds & scans below