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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Husky - Lay Back (1978)

b/w - if Dreams Were Made

Well played 60's inspired Modpop with some hints of freakbeat in Lay Back.

This grows on you with playing

Pressing run of 2,000 with only 50 having the "too expensive to print" p/s shown below (alas, mine is one of the 1,950 - apparently most of the 50 were sold during a two night stint at Reculver Caravan Park)

The band were from Herne Bay
Andy Shilling AKA Andy Ferguson (voc bass)
Dave Offredi (guitar voc)
Keith Lambert (drums) R.I.P.
Andy Richardson (keyboard voc)
However the sleeve does credits Jerry Kelk as guitarist. He replaced Dave temporarily after the disc was recorded.

MHA Records was set up by Melvin Harrison (AKA Mel Harris) & Malcolm Anderson & the "Studio" was "Melvin's Mum's House" (Alma Rd, Beltinge) where the band recorded downstairs & the Control Room was upstairs.

Long term friends Andy Ferguson & Dave Offredi met "pre-teen" at an open air gig watching the Rock-a-beats & still perform together (with Andy's Girlfriend Leah) as The Swinging 60's Band

Sounds & scans below


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  1. Congratulations on your score!! Since you've posted it I wonder if it'll still fetch the prices it has in the past next time it comes up for sale. It's not bad but, honestly, not very good. I like the B-side more than the A but not by much. Do they really grow on you after a few listens?