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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Deke O'Brien And Sneeker - Wasted (1980)

b/w - Cool Of the Night

Nice 45 that teeters on the edge of powerpop / pop rock from Ireland

Deke will be known to some as he's a bit of a legend in the Irish music business. (If you don't know him follow the link to Irish rock.org & have a read)

Bands of particular interest Deke was in before Sneeker were Bees make Honey & Stepaside

Players on Sneeker's lone 45 were

Deke O'Brien (voc guitar)
Patsy Tracy (guitar)
Spike (bass)
Fran Breen (drums)

There's a bit more info here

Useless Fact - Deke financed Ireland's 1st New Wave Compilation Just For Kicks & was co-founder of Scoff Records

A big thanks to Irish Rock.org as I've borrowed so heavily from them for this post

Sounds & scans below



  1. Can't understand how no one says thank you yet for this one! It's pretty good!

    BTW, I have a couple or three requests if possible and you don't mind.
    I'd really love to hear these ones:
    ''Fist Date'' (on Harbour By Harbour) 1980 by Teaser
    ''Against The World'' (on GFI GFI) 1979 by 3 Imaginary Boys
    and finally, ''Fashion'' (on Recent) 1980 by The Thunderboys.

    My ears and I would be very grateful. Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work!

  2. Brian, I can only help with the Teaser 45 (I'll post it sometime in the week) - Have to admit the 3 imaginary boys 45 has been on my wants list for a while!