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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Skeets Boliver - Both 45's (1977)

A - Streethouse Door
B - I Can't See The Light (Released Feb '77 produced by Mike Green from the pirates)

A - Moonlight In Jeopardy
B - Ain't Been Good To You (Released Oct '77)

Here's both the releases from this Scottish (Dundee) pub rock band.
The band was formed in 1973 from an amalgamation of two bands (Hens Teeth & Mort Wriggle & The Panthers) & originally included

Michael Marra (voc bass) ex Hens Teeth & Tomorrows Children
Arlene Gowans (voc) ex Hens Teeth & Tomorrows Children
Chris Marra (guitar) ex Hens Teeth
Angus Foy
(acoustic guitar) ex Hens Teeth
Stuart Ivins
(guitar) ex Mort Wriggle
Jonathan (Jog) Ogilvie (drums) ex Mort Wriggle

Between 1975 -76 The above guys had a
Sunday night residency at Laings

But by 1977
Arlene had left
Peter McGlone (Sax) had joined &
Jog Had been replaced by:
Brian McDermott on the drum stool - If you can follow that you can work out the line -up for these 2 45's

The Band Split late '79
Michael Marra going down to London & doing some solo stuff for polydor
Stuart Ivins later performing in "Bathtime" (Male/Female Duo)
Peter McGlone joined "Mafia" & is currently in the "Souped Up Fords"
Brian McDermott playing with "Danny Wilson" & "Del Amitri" amongst others

90% of this post is pieced together from posts at the Retro Dundee blog - so to them I thank you!

Sounds & scans below



  1. Thank you very much for the two singles.

  2. P.S. - you're welcome & thank you for leaving a comment.

  3. Any chance of reposting this file? I remember the band and saw their last gig at Laing's in 1977.

  4. I'm not going to repost any of the old links but if you send me your e-mail address I'll send you a link to d/losd the tunes