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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

RollerCoaster - Love Of The Loved (1980)

b/w - (You Should) Forget That Girl

Great Beatle-esque powerpop from this Utrecht area Band.

Paul Stuiver (voc guitar) ex clouds
Henk Hager (guitar voc) ex 909 later in Diesel
Cok Stuiver (bass voc) ex clouds
Tim Rijken (drums) later in The Few

The Stuiver brothers started the band in '77 along with drummer Ronald Visser & a 4th member who tragically died in '78. The band laid dormant until '79 when Hager & Rijen joined. This 45 being released in Feb 1980 (A cover of The Beatles' then-unreleased "Love Of The Loved" financed by the Beatles Unlimited magazine in a print run of 500 numbered copies).
On the strength of this recording they were offered a recording deal by Torso Records (same label as the Rousers) for which there are 4 recorded (June 1980) but unreleased tracks gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.
(The Tracks are Can't Stop / So You're Sorry / Night Of Romance / Come On Home)
The reason they are unreleased was due to an internal argument over another possible deal (Bert Vegter -manager of Teaser and Turbo - was starting his own record label, Pure Gold Records)
This disagreement ultimately led to Henk Hager leaving to start his own band "The Cast" & being replaced by Erik Compeer who is name checked on their 2nd & Final 45
(You Should) Forget That Girl / Come On home (1981 - Pure Gold records).
He apparently never played on the 45 & only lasted a few weeks before being replaced by Peter Alberts (also ex 909)
The Band split in November 1981 when Rijken & Alberts formed "The Few" with ex Rousers Bassist Rob Marienus.

Sorry been asked to remove the link but thanks to Sjef for the extra info

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