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Monday, 4 April 2011

Radio Radio - Calling EP (1983)

A - Calling
B1 - Signed With A Star
B2 - Beans

Cool mod/powerpop sounds from this London based 5 piece (apparently the members originally hail from South Wales & Essex)

The band members were.

John Short AKA John Voyce (voc)
Dave Humphreys (guitar voc) now in Honeymoon On Mars
Robbie Humphreys (rhythm guitar, keyboards)
Richie Scarr (bass) replaced by Rick Rivens
Dave (Sweat) Terell (drums)
I'm not sure where the surnames Sharp & Parry (who have songwriting credits) come into this - I am now - see the comments

It was produced by Nigel Palmer
There were also 2 other tracks (Boys In Blue & All Eyes Are Blind) released on a compilation LP The Tunnel T1 released on Tunnel records (T42) with 5 other bands
(the bands being: Street Princess / Corporal Henshaw / Major Setback Band / Silent Among Strangers / King Kong & The Empire States)

Tracks on YouTube

She Saved My Life

24 Hours

Sounds & scans below



  1. Mark Sharp and Robert Parry, apparently. They seem to have once been in The Ray Morgan Quartet who are pictured at the Spaceward site posing with a giant tin of beans.

  2. Thanks Steve

    It Seems John Short's Earlier band "The Ray Morgan Quartet"
    John Short - Vocals
    Mark Sharp - Guitar
    David Good - Guitar
    Robert Parry - Bass
    Tom Sharp - Drums
    recorded a demo at the Spaceward studios sometime in 1977/78 (Beans must have been one of their songs)

    photo here (scroll to 17 April 2005)


    Is their dandy annual a Clapton/Beano pastiche I wonder

  3. Bass player on the 'Calling' single was original bassist (and former RMQ member) Bob Parry. The wonderfully talented and good-looking Richie Scarr joined afterwards. He can still be found playing bass with jazz-rockers The Anthologists (www.theanthologists.com) alongside former T-34 (another Tunnel Club favourite) drummer John Baker.

  4. M.L.O.W. - thanks for the extra info - I have some T34 somewhere if anyone wants to hear it

  5. Do you have ''Computer Dating'' by T34? If so post it here please.

  6. I was going to post their '82 45 "Rock on" as my copy of "Computer Dating" is sleeveless but as you've requested it, It'll be up soon!

  7. i have calling 45 on radio label how many were pressed as its pretty obscure

  8. I'm not sure but I'd say 1000
    The info sheet I have says it is going into a second pressing if that came to fruition there could be as many as 2000.

    You may find a better answer by leaving a comment on the Youtube clips

  9. The Sharp brothers, David Good and Rob Parry were from Sandfields in Port Talbot, South Wales. Ray Morgan was a teacher at Sandfields Comprehensive where they and I were schooled. In an earlier form the band was known as Rizla after the cigarette papers. They were very popular in Port Talbot. They used to play in the local youth club, opened for the Enid in the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea and had an appearnce on the Welsh TV channel S4C where David Good had a big pot os baked beans poured over him. They were a couple years older than myself and I always enjoyed their covers of Man's Spunk Box and Bananas.

    1. Thanks for the extra info Kelvyn, much appreciated