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Monday, 11 April 2011

The Dealers - Don't Touch That Dial (1981)

b/w - Tracey

Double A side from a band which I could tell you nothing about (until LDK's helpful little push in the right direction)

Both side are cool powerpop

Before shortening their name (& their line-up) to "the Dealers" the Birmingham based band were the Mean Street Dealers
They also released (in 1980) the Time Is Tight EP on Inferno records as the Ska City Rockers (If anyone wants this posted - leave a comment!!)

The band were
Mark Bristow (voc guitar)
John Wilson (guitar voc)
Nigel Darvill (keyboards)
JimSimpson (drums) later in Budgie / UFO & a Few other Metal bands

Personally, I prefer Tracey for it's no nonsense pop feel

Sounds & scans below



  1. It's the Mean Street Dealers ("Japanese Motabikes", etc).

  2. Thanks once again to LDK for putting me on the right track

  3. I really like this, even more than the Mean Streets. Yeh!, love these glammy winks! Thanks!

  4. Glad you like music - MEAN STREET DEALERS REUNION GIG July 8th 2011 Friday - Asylum Birmingham - Doors open 7.30

  5. Hi, John Wilson here from the Dealers and Mean Street Dealers before that.
    Glad you like the songs. MSD are having a reunion gig on July 8th at the Asylum Birmingham, the first time in 31 years (and possibly the only time!)
    All the best JW