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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bobby And The Girls Next Door - Now We Know It's Diana (1981)

b/w - Wedding dub
Well unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about this little obscurity - as you can see it's a promo (probably never got to a proper release stage). The label's got a beggars banquet/Andrew Heath credit (which a lot of 79 onward "beggars banquet label" records had - so is it one of their roster under a pseudonym? they were marketed through WEA). What ever it's a enjoyable if not throwaway romp from the "who's gonna marry Charlie" time - both sides can be downloaded below, not that I'm recommending the flip - sometimes dub versions are quite good. This one to my ears isn't!



  1. Hi Bristolboy, The download link for this record is not working.Good luck with your site !!!

  2. Good post. Infectious tune though the dub does nothing for me either. The clue to who's behind this is probably in the songwriting and production credit, not that it means anything to me.

  3. I had to copy and paste the link. I think blogger might have problem with the number of characters in th link?

  4. That did the trick,cool record, cant say that I've ever heard it before. Thanks for the post.

  5. I think I've sorted the problem now

  6. Sorry to dredge up an old post, but this was likely Chester Kamen and Ian Little, who worked together on the New Asia album released in '82.

    1. J - Thanks for the lead... I'll look into it