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Monday, 8 August 2016

Vog - In The Crowd (1981)

b/w Didn't I

In 1978 USA (New York) Pop/Rock Band The Debs (Annie Kaye & Rennie G) Released a European 45 (Cupie Dolls/ Oh Woman - A&M Records).
The 45 was written by their then management of Mark Blatte & Larry Gottlieb. Unhappy with the way their career was going they teamed up with Richard Lampese & in late 1978 became Vog (along with Jimmy Chahalis & Robert Lopiccolo )

However, by the time they had put their recordings down on tape Lampese had left to be replaced by Bobby DiMonte

Ony Kaye (AKA Annie Kuskowski) - (Lead Voc)
Bobby DiMonte - (Guitar) 
Rennie Xosa (AKA Rennie G) - (Bass)
Jimmy Chahalis (AKA Jimmy Johallis) - (Drums)
Robert Lopiccolo - (Keys)

7" In the Crowd / Didn't I (France [Sirocco] / Germany [RCA]) 1981  
7" Playmate (Compañero De Juegos) / Pushin´ Me Over The Line (Spain [Zafiro]) 1981

LP Vog (Spain [Zafiro] / Germany [RCA]) 1981
In The Crowd / Step Ahead / Didn't I / One More Time / Keep It Up // Playmate / St. Mark's Twist / Pushin' Me Over The Line / Computer #'s / Don't Wanna Hear It

Useless Info -  Ony was also a backing singer for Ellen Shipley on her Ellen Shipley (1979) & Breaking through the Ice Age (1980) LP's.

Where Are They Now  - Kuskowski became a Doctor, Rennie G a Photographer, Lopicocolo a School Teacher & Chahalis a Drum Teacher.

Finally - They filmed this video for Platmate at the "Corner Pocket Billiards" on Northern blvd situated above Borderline Towing. NJ

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  1. Robert lopiccol is not a teacher. I am a jazz pianist now.

    1. Opps... My Bad (Never beleive all that you read on the internet)

  2. Ony did not become a doctor. She and her husband live in upstate NY. They own and run a general store and Ony is a yoga instructor. She still occasionally plays music live and has recently announced that she will be going back to performing rock and roll as opposed to folk music.

  3. Bobby DiMonte passed away July 5, 2017. The cause is still unknown.

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