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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Akela And The Cubs - Modern Girl (1983)

B1 - How Could You Do It
B2 - Who's Taking You Home

Above average Pop Rock / Powerpop 45 from this Manchester based band.

Modern Girl falters slightly from poor production but is still quality to my ears & Who's Taking You Home could be favoured by NWOBHM fans. I suspect How Could You Do It will be disliked by all.

Unfortunately I can't tell you much about the band. All tracks were penned by Clayton & Fryer & there was an earlier (1982) 11 track cassette available from Pete Fairclough* (could this be the Sheffield born drummer later in London based The Chevalier Brothers?)

* this info came from a 03/04/1982 Sounds press Clip (included in the download)

BTW  - Akela (Indian Wolf) was a character (leader of the wolf pack) that appeared in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

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  1. just found my way to your site, don't know how i didn't see it before.

    anyway this 7" is great. thanks for the upload. haha, i think "How Could You Do It" is my favourite of the 3.

  2. Thanks for this rarity. I can't find anything about them on the internet.

    And I liked "How Could You Do It" the most :)