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Friday, 3 May 2013

Grace Poole - Innocent (1980)

B1 - Lost For Words
B2 - Me With My Hands In The Air

Here's another Great 45 from The Doncaster based "Future Earth Records"

The band were from South Yorkshire (Possibly, Sheffield but I'm not sure). From the Info I've manged to find the 2 song writers/band members were  Karen Finney (voc) & Charles Finney (Bass) who along with J. Marsden were in an earlier band Mother Nature's Children whose 7" release was due to winning thier (1977) heat of the then game/talent show New Faces some time later (possibly as Sheffield Poly)  the band changed their name/members/musical style to the Grace Poole Five & then to the shorter Grace Poole.
1980 Gig Flyer For The Limit
Again this, their sole 45 release could have been due to them winning their heat of the Sheffield Star / Radio Hallam "Battle of the Bands" - It looks like this band had some luck but never the breaks!!

As this is again a bit light on info here's The Future Earth Records Discography until the end of 1983 (there is an extended one in the Download & as always if anyone can fill in the missing 3 I'd be etternally grateful)

FER 001    Helsinki 5 Below - Jennifer Darling / Women In Love (Sept 1979)
FER 002    Deemus Mint -     Beam Me Up / Love Don't Come Easy (1980)
FER 003    Various Artists - Logical Steps (1980) LP
FER 004    Richard & the Taxmen - Now We're Through / Honey Please Don't Go (June 1980)
FER 005    BTP Folders - Radio / All Of A Sudden (June 1980)
FER 006    Limelight - Metal Man / Hold Me, Touch Me (June 1980)
FER 007    Back Seat Romeos - Zero Ambition / In the Night (Oct 1980)
FER 008    Limelight - Limelight (1980) LP
FER 009    Grace Pool - Innocent//Lost For Words / Me With My Hands In The Air (Oct 1980)
FER 010    Limelight - Ashes to Ashes / Knife in Your Back (Oct 1982)
FER 011    Factory - You Are the Music / The History of the Turkey (March 1983)
FER 012    The Jeff Carline Group - Americana (1982 - Portugal only) LP
FER 013    Pat & Roger Johns - Country Friends Vol 3 (May 1983) LP
FER 014    Chinawite - Blood on the Streets / Ready to Testify (April 1983)
FER 015    The Gatekrashers - Too Short For A Quiff (June 1983) LP
FER 016    The Nerve - I'll Give You Up / Lifting Me Higher (July 1983)
FER 017    Lion John Pickles - What's The Matter With The World / what A beautiful Dream (Oct 1983)

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  1. Great! Your taste is My taste. It's nice to hear U in a good mood!

  2. I *think* Grace Pool might have been from Barnsley as Future Earth tended to sign bands from there or Doncaster. The Logical Steps comp is a snapshot of the local music scene at the time, very much of the trend for local compilations in the early 80s and which shows, when compared with the Bouquet of Steel compilation from Sheffield of the same time, the difference in outlook between the big city and the rest of the country. Bands in Doncaster often made a living from playing the Working Mens' Club circuit and as such had to have a pop repertoire as well as their own music, and at the time the default was mod and ska and there wasn't anything as serious or artistic about the label except perhaps Hobbies of Today. I'll have to dig out the Logical Steps compilation although there isn't really anything of great note on it.
    The label reflected what was going on in the area at the time as well. Dave Moffit or another member of his family ran an agency that put bands in WMCs and some of the acts come from that circuit, hence Pat and Roger Johns' 'Country Friends vol 3' - they were a big act on the local country circuit.
    No Mans Land were school friends of mine who almost made it big too. They signed to Go! Discs pretty much on the strength of their single but when Go! collapsed their LP got shelved.
    The missing numbers in the catalogue might be the Exploited LPs and the No Mans Land LP, which I seem to recall was recorded but then scrapped when they signed to Go! Discs.

    1. Some good points there.. thanks for your input Simon it's greatly appreciated

  3. hi, any chance to reup the cause metro police ep please?
    cheers and thanks for all this great bands!

    1. send an e-mail to mylifesajigsaw@gmail.com & I'll send a link

  4. Those missing catalogue numbers in the Future Earth discography still have me beat. Not sure what the full connection between The Exploited and Future Earth was but there was a publishing deal for the records on Pax in 1983. I checked the deadwax on the 'Rival Leaders' 7" but nothing there. Don't have the LP.

    As for the 'Logical Steps' LP, 'Fads' by the BTP Folders is wonderful, even better than their single in my opinion.

  5. Replies
    1. Charles, if you could give some more info for the post I'd be grateful.

  6. I was in Grace Poole 5 the songwriter partnership was me and Karen Finney we were not siblings but married. I was the bass player and she was the singer We never quite made it we were managed byGed Doherty who been head of Bmg recently Simon Cowells boss lol but he also managed Paul Young and when he broke big we got left behind. We did the WMC s and were one of the first to do all original material in them which I am still proud of. I am still performing in a duo called Paper Kite and still loving it.

  7. We were from Chesterfield Sheffield and Leeds

    1. Thanks for the extra info it's much appreciated