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Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Kustom - Let The Girl Dance (1981)

b/w - Arrested

Let The Girl Dance is a likable (if not a little twee) stab at Jazz/swing but it's Arrested that you should "lend an ear to" (Powerpop/pop rock which will also appeal to the Mod Revival fans as it incorporates a few horns as well)

I'm pretty sure the band were London based, with the songs being penned by members R Helman & K Yallop

They had a big hitter behind them as the executive producer was Douglas Kean  which is why (I'm guessing here) it was released twice (the Silhouette pressing in Jan '82 & then on the Red Bus (RBUS71) imprint in July '82 - Let The Girl Dance also made it on to a Red Bus compilation LP [Hearts & Stars])

As always if anyone can add to the (scarce) info please leasve a comment

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  1. Nice B-side. Reminds me of The Step (on Epic/Direction).

  2. This compilation "Hearts & Stars" was released in Portugal, unfortunately only feature "Let girl Dance" of the Kustom 7". http://rocknoliceu.blogspot.pt/2012/08/a-colectanea-do-kustome.html

  3. Thanks for the comments & James - You're right, I'd forgotten about "The Step" so dragged out their stuff to give a listen.

  4. Oh this takes me back.
    Keith (Yallop - bass) and I shared a house in South Ealing at the time this was demoed (on a Teac Portastudio 4 track cassette) and then recorded.