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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shakedown - F.B.I. (1978)

b/w - Wish You Could See Me Now

2 pop/rock tunes from this short lived Lewes band* (although they have reformed with 2 original members)

The band started life as Oakenlode & then morphed into Shakedown

Graham Frost -(Voc, Bass)
Jez Bird - (Guitar, Voc) R.I.P.
Doug Sanders - (Lead Guitar, Voc)
Nick Patching - (Guitar)
Mike Whippy - (Drums)

I'm posting this as I quite like the B-side although the keyboards ruin it slightly for me. Another reason to listen to this is that 2 of the members jumped ship & became half of the Mod Revival band The Lambrettas.

* I say from the band but the tunes appear to have been written by non-members
FBI - Nossel
Wish You Could See Me Now - Lacey

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  1. Okay on account of The Lambrettas connection alone I have to check this out.

  2. For a while, I was leaving trails of tears and disappointment all over Lewes, trying to find this band. Spoke to Nossel. Spoke to Sanders. Couldn't find Bird... and then he died. Only ever seen one copy of this record.

  3. Thanks for the comment Steve, good to know you're still checkin' in