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Friday, 14 October 2011

Roquivários - Totobola (1981)

b/w - Ela Controla

Rock & Various (Roquivários) were a Portuguese (Lisbon) Pub Rock band (1981-83) who embraced the New Wave & Ska sound (Seemingly Totobola is the most Ska sounding)

Mario Gramaço (Voc Sax )
Jorge Luis Loução (Guitar)
Midus (Bass Voc)
Paul Corval (Bass)
Rabanal (Drums) ex Aranha

(Midus plays the Bass on the EMI recordings as Paul Corval leaves)

Pronto a Curtir - RT (1981) LP*
Totobola/Ela Controla - RT (1981) 7"
Cristina (Beleza É Fundamental)/Disc-Jockey - Valentim De Carvalho (EMI) (1982) 7"
Roquivários - Valentim De Carvalho (EMI) (1982) LP

* All the reveiws I've read have said this LP was very rushed & has very poor production

More tracks Here

Sounds & Scans below


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