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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Reasonable Man - Public Army Policeman (1981)

B1 - Snakebite
B2 - Economic Sense

Nice 45 full of socially aware New wave / Ska with a bass line that screams of listening to too much Dub (this was recorded at the now defunct Starforce Studios, Clapham South London.)

The London based 4 Peice that went into the studio on 9 & 10/05/1981 were;

Tony Payne (voc, Tambourine)
Steve Pugh (guitar voc)
Kev Taylor (bass & lead Guitar)
Colin Hakin (drums, voc)

Have to admit to having a preference for Snakebite - that's the tune & not the beverage. Unfortuately, I'm afraid to admit there was many a lost teenage night on that stuff (1/2 a pint of strong cider, 1/2 pint of strong lager & a dash of blackcurrent juice, if we were feeling posh).

Sounds & scans below



  1. Hey Bruce, cannot believe no ones commented on this one yet. Both tracks on the b-side are excellent, I think my favourite is Economic Sense, closely followed by Snakebite.If they were looking for success you can see why they picked the a-side - much more commercial. Great post - thanks again

  2. Gary - Good to hear from you! Thanks for leaving a comment (they're a bit thin on the ground lately - even though the stats say this post has passed 100 d/loads & 300 views) - Hope all's going well.

  3. A-side is horrible, heard it before, but I'm glad you posted this Bruce as the B-side tracks are great!