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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Date-X - Trappuppgång (1981)

b/w - Blinda Romanser

Great Pop-punk form this Swedish (Eskilstuna) Band (1981-'83).

Bengt Eklund (Voc, Guitar)
Benny Eriksson (Guitar)
Magnus Adolfsson (Bass)
Mats "Masken" Jonsson (Drums) Masken = Worm

When Schoolband Råttgift disbanded in 1980, two bands formed from the ashes Memento Mori and Date-X (apparently they wanted to be Melody but the name was taken)

From what I've read (press clippings* in the download) it seems the band had a couple of lucky breaks.
1. They came to the attention of & were contacted by Billy Madden (owner of Adventure Records) &
2. They scored an appearance on top Swedish TV show "Måndagsbörsen" (28/09/81) - other bands to do this included Gyllene & Noice. (tracks played included ; Trappuppgång , Ce Soir & Svärd Och Rosor ).

Unfortunatly in the fall of '82 Swedish Army National Service called for Bengt, Benny & Magnus.

*clippings from Punktjafs


- Let It Out Vol.2 Compilation LP (Adventure Records ADV LP 101 - 1981) 2 tracks - "Room 21 / Crying Girl"
- Trappuppgång / Blinda romanser 7" (Adventure Records ADV SP 102 - 1981)
- Date-X LP (Adventure Records ADV LP 103 - 1981)
- Brinnande Liv / Simmar lätt 7" (Adventure Records ADV SP 105 - 1982)

Sounds & scans below


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