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Friday, 28 January 2011

Spare Parts - She's A New Kind Of Girl (1979)

b/w - Paint It Black

Great powerpop on the A-side whereas the Rolling Stones' cover on the flip is not the best version I've heard (let's face it there must be 100+ versions out there)

The North London based band (1977 - 1980) were
Phil Nunn (lead guitar voc) later in Splash
Mark Fanthorpe (guitar voc)
Jon Kocel (bass) later in Bleak house
Maurice Hollingsworth (drums) later in Bleak house
Jeff Hammer (keyboard voc) later in Teardrop Explodes

Sounds & scans below

06-03-2012 Sorry no download - it has been suspended by someone from 20th century Fox because of the words "New Girl" 2011 (it seems they are using a blanket anti -piracy law - what's this got to do with them?)


  1. Hey - discovered this by accident. Mark Fanthorpe here. I'm still in contact with Phil and still play music. Phil is in Australia and I'm in the UK. Glad to see we still have a fan!

    1. just seen this........ Jon Kocel here......in Brighton and still playing bass........

  2. Hi Mark, Glad to know you're well - I've linked your blog to the post.
    Going by the number of downloads, I can assure you there's more than just me who appreciates this 45.