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Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Killers - Killer (On The Dance Floor) 1978

b/w -No Surrender

Here's some nice glam/rock/pop from the boys, who penned Video killed the radio star (Made famous by Trevor Horn's later incarnation the buggles
BTW there is also a lesser known {in the UK} version by Bruce Wooley & the Camera Club)

The London based studio only group were
Bruce Woolley (voc guitar)
Trevor Horn (bass keyboards)
Rod Thompson (keyboards)

I have to admit that, I'm posting this so you can compare it to my next post........

Sounds & scans below



  1. I'm suspecting that you're going to post Jim Penfold's The Speedos cover of ''Killer on the dancefloor'' from 1980. Well, I have to anticipate that it's excellent too.
    Happy new year!!

  2. Does Sophie Ellis Bexor have this record?

  3. A well educated guess Papuchi - any requests?

    Graeme - The only thing interesting thing about Ellis-Bextor are my distant memories of her mum on "Blue Peter"

  4. Cheers Bristolboy!
    I wouldn't mind listening to some of these below, if it's possible:
    The Bears - The Bear Essentials album from 1981,
    Blind Alley - Keep me hanging on
    Mike McGear & The Monarchists - No Lardidar
    Duck & Dive - On your bike
    Pictures - What do you want
    Thunderbolts - Dust on me needle
    Electrotunes - If this aint love

    Thanks in advance,

  5. I can help with
    Blind Alley - Keep me hanging on
    Pictures - What do you want
    Thunderbolts - Dust on me needle
    Electrotunes - If this aint love

    But I don't have the Bears LP or the 2 novelty 45's

  6. Oh, that sounds great!

    BTW:Mike McGear is Paul McCartney's brother, although I never heard that single.

    Cheers, Peter.