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Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Kraze - Boys With Toys (1981)

b/w - We All Wear Black

2nd (& final) 45 for these London SE8 boys & it's sporting a cool Mod/New Wave sound. Personally I prefer "We All Wear Black" with it's swirling keys & chant-a-long chorus.

If you're wondering what their 1st 45 was, it was a re-recorded version of this

Say Hello to My Girl / Friday Night - Double D Records 
(D Dee 6 - Oct1980) - Alledgedly this was blacklisted by the BBC for having ambiguous lyrics [Decide for yourselves as I've included it in the download]

Mike Gorman - Bass
Steve Little - Rhythm Guitar
Lee Dallon - Keys
 Alan Hourihane - Lead Guitar
Tony Toole - Voc
Steve Dolman - Drums

Sounds & Scans 


  1. Decent stuff, all tracks, but I'm with you, I prefer 'We All Wear Black' - the other tracks lack imagination on the choruses - if you're gonna have choruses you need to be anthemic with them, not just repeat the same line a couple of times.

  2. Thank you very much for this 7"

  3. Brilliant guitar work on We all wear black..but I'm biased because I was the guitarist on this track. The drummer on most of the Kraze studio work was Jimmy Copley who sessioned during his down time with his own band UPP.

  4. Hi Nathan - thanks for the extra info.