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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Steppin' Sideways - No One Needs You (1983)

b/w Still The Same

Possibly a London based band on their own private "Crab Records" label (I guess this is a moving sideways joke) with a lyntone cat # LYN 13401*

The A is good mod/pop whereas the flip is psychedelic pop/Mood Six type music; which if they had been earlier would have easily fitted on the various LP A Splash Of Colour

Apart from, the record was mastered at the Utopia studios, the only info I can give is both songs were penned by Cooke & along with the band it was produced by Dave Haydon 

*This leads me to the release date of 1983 

Sounds & Scans


  1. Thanks for sharing! Both sides are quite solid.

  2. no Thanks. Removed already.

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