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Monday, 4 February 2013

Hounds - Under My Thumb (1979)

b/w - The Moth And The Fire

Nice Stones cover from this Chicago Bar band (think a poor man's J.Geils band & you wont be far off)

As you can see from the scan this is the UK demo release of the US band (stating it was released a week ahead of schedule on 22-02-1980)
Both tracks were lifted from their 2nd LP "Puttin' On The Dog" 

The band on this 45 were

John Hunter (Voc, Keys) 
Donald Griffin (Guitar) ex Tyrone Davis band
Glen Richard Rupp (Guitar) ex Paul Bogush Band
Joe Cuttone (Bass) ex Paul Bogush Band
Michael Jay Neff RIP (Drums) ex Beowulf, Off Broadway

If you want a decent Bio of the band here's their Myspace (here you can find many of their line-ups/incarnations from 1975)

The Hounds - Unleashed  - Columbia Records (1978)
Putting On The Dog - Columbia Records (1979)
Do wah Diddy Diddy on the Various Artist Now Wave Sampler - Columbia (1979)
Under My Thumb/The Moth and The Fire (1979)

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