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Friday, 4 May 2012

Xena Zerox - Seconds (1981)

b/w This Is Your Life

Cool Female vocal New Wave from this Portsmouth based (I beleive they were at University together) but mainly Welsh (Aberdare) band
[see comments section for more info from Nigel]

Ruby Schlienger (Voc)
Nigel Evans (Guitar voc)
Martin Allerston later replaced by Phil Jones AKA Bill Bones (Bass)
Pete White (Drums)

 ULU 29 Jan 1982
As you can see from the label the band was another Finalist from the 1981 RCA Battle of the Bands more info here & here & Seconds can be found on the Compilation LP

Quote of the week goes to Oliver Gray for the reaction to his 21-04-81 live reveiw of them at Gilbey’s, Southampton.-  "They were furious because I didn’t think they were as good as they thought they were."

After XZ Nigel played in a London based Goth band called Turbo & the Rockets with another native Welsh man Jake Jacobs as well as being in many other bands he was also in  Electric Tomato . Amongst other things he now runs Brecon Guitars organises The Brecon Fringe & finds time to be Scribbleman

Both sides can be heard on you tube here & here

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  1. Holy Underwear! I've always wanted a copy of this.
    Thank you sir.

  2. Cool single, great research - as I have said before: Blog Hero, First Class.

  3. Hi Bristolboy, remarkable research! The band was actually Ruby Schlienger (vox), Martin Allerston (bass), Pete White (drums) and me Nigel Evans (gtr, vox). I met Ruby and Martin at Portsmouth Poly and Pete was Martin's mate from Southampton. Ruby was from Chatham. Phil Jones joined us later in London. I've read the Oliver Gray quote elsewhere - we never thought we were any good! Ha ha. My shop Brecon Guitars is now defunct and I'm a journalist at The Brecon & Radnor Express. Brecon Fringe is in it's 7th year and my band is Scribble Man. I must know you from somewhere!...

  4. Hi Nigel, thanks for the compiment & the extra info -

    Always good to have correct/first hand info!

  5. "we never thought we were any good! "

    I thought you were good and really liked your song Letherwards.