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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Bodgers - Stutter (1982)

b/w - I Hate Phoning Girls

Firstly; I know this has been posted elsewhere but it's a great 45 (admittedly not very PC - but how many records do you know that rhyme sediment with impediment)
Secondly; I'm having trouble uploading to my mediafile account, so for a while I'll be pretty much only posting things that are already there.

The band (Comedy Troupe) were 4 student friends from George Watson's College, Edinburgh & were

They had a sketch show that performed every year (1980-'85) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival & were then commisioned by BBC Radio 4 for a show (In Other Words....The Bodgers) that became Bodgers, Banks and Sparkes with the addition of Morwenna Banks and John Sparkes.
The team later became more famous for the Channel 4 Television sketch show Absolutely


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  1. Thank you for the music (and the label scans). Very good!!!