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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stevie Sharp And The Clean Cuts - We Are The Mods (1980)

b/w - He Wants To Be A Mod

Was this a genuine calling or just cashing in on the Mod Revival?

I prefer the B-side as I find "We Are.." a bit annoying. However, it's a rarity that doen't turn up that often (300 - 500 pressed) & as I've had it requested you can make up your own minds!

Released on Happy Face (& recorded at The Old Smithy) so I'm assuming the band were from the Worcester Area.

It has been reputed (& refuted) that Stevie Sharp was the ex guitarist of Satan's Rats & The Rowdies
(As they were from Evesham I can see why the link was made but the band's title is more than likely just echoing the "Mod ethos")

"We Are The Mods" can also be found on the awful We Are The Mods! LP (most of the tracks are low budget live recordings of admittedly mainly otherwise unavailable great tracks)

Sounds & scans below


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