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Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Escalatorz - Escalatorz 10" EP (1981)

A1 - Depression
A2 - Goin' Bananas
B1 - On The Scene
B2 - Split

Cool New Wave/Garage Rock debut from This West Berlin 4 Peice.
The Band Ran in name from 1981 -91 although the nucleus of the band Daniels had been a duo With Bauer for a few years prior to this.

The 1st line up was
H.P. Daniels (voc guitar)
Mario 'Bibi' Schulz (guitar voc)
Dietrer Bauer (bass voc)
Hans Wallbaum (drums voc)

Due to internal strife & other commitments (Schulz & Wallbaum being in another band at the same time) the above line up pretty much dissolved after this recording.
later members being:
H.P. Daniels (voc, guitar)
Udo Modin?(guitar, voc) Replaced by Andreas Roemer ('82) ex - Odessa RIP
Rene Engelman (bass' voc) ex Naasti replaced by Hans Moser ('89)
Hans Jurgen 'Otto' Schneider (drums, voc) ex - Odessa replaced by Harry Malloy ('84)
Wolfgang Mueller (guitar voc - Making them a 5 piece in '83) ex - Rozz
with the aid of
Thomas Pflanz replaced by Chris Ashburn (sax)
Bruno Zimmer (trumpet)
Skip Reinhardt (trumpet)
Soren Fisher (trombone)
Danny 'Deutschmark' Dzuik (keyboards)


5 track demo cassette -
Sordid Collection - Smanx (1983)
(studio side) - No panic, You Can Stop Me, Depression
(live side) -White Shirt & Black Tie, So Fragile .

7" Releases
Rough Stuff/Back On my Feet Again - Berlin Rock News 66.11 477-01 [1000 copies] (1982)
So Fragile/No Panic - SmAnx 12345678 (1982)*
Too Bad/Season Ticket - SmAnx 191157 (1982)*
From The Garage Straight To Your Heart/Commuter Love - SmAnx 87654321 (1983)*
Movin On/ Small Talk - smAnx 3802-391 (1984)*
Contaminated Memories/No Crime - SmAnx 25-485 (1985)*
*private press 300 copies each

LP -
Straight To Your Heart - SmAnx Vielklang Efa 04241-08 (1987) (with re-recorded versions of...)
From The Garage Straight To Your Heart/ Rough Stuff/ So Fragile/ White Shirt & Black Tie/ No Panic/ Movin’ On/ I Need You/ Commuter Love/ Small Talk/ Too Bad

Video -
Recorded 20.10.84 Live at the Latin Quarter

BTW...as well as Roemer & Schneider,the band Odesaa also included Helmut Hirt (voc), Bernd Däumichen (guitar sax), Jürgen Dehmel (bass) Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkog-Petersen (keyboards) - They Recorded 1 LP (Odessa [Good Noise - 1980])

Sounds & scans below


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