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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Katz - Talking 'Bout You (1979)

b/w - I'm So Nasty

Great powerpop / rock crossover from this Swindon based 5 piece

Tim - AKA Kit E Litter (voc) RIP 
Malcolm Porter - AKA Junk Bamberger (Guitar) 
Martin Drury - AKA Jean Le Cliche (Guitar voc) 
Roger Mann - AKA Lom de Terre (Bass voc) 
Chris MacPherson - AKA: Stix (Drums)
The band seems to have it's beginings sometime in 1978 as there is pretty good footage on them on Swindon's local music show Tune-in from October of that year.

The self-financed 45 was recorded in Cheltenham at Dik Cadbury's Millstream recording studios (an old pottery) by Nick Critchley (who it seems still works there) & pressed through London's SRT plant. Available at gigs or from Red Carpet (?) & Kempsters

Other tracks from the above Tune-in session were also recorded & broadcast at different times here here & here with the one above been repeated here.
The programme Beat Town even made a video for this 45 (Aired Jan 11 1980)

Thanks to Malcolm for the extra band memebers info

If you read the comments on the above it seems there is a strong possibility that the band will soon play again!

Sounds & Scans below



  1. Awesome post Bruce; I'm glad you found one of these, I've really been wanting to hear this (Very Cool Record!). Thank You!

  2. It wasn't cheap, but I couldn't say no!!